Ecommerce Store Solution

Ecommerce Store Solution

Special exclusive solution for successful e-commerce. Turnkey project includes business planning, development, marketing and control at all stages of the business. Suitable for both new business and large trading companies.

Online store is a site intended for the sale of goods, the choice of which is made from the catalog. The online store can be both specialized and versatile.

The purpose of creating an online store:

– placement of company information
– placement of product information;
– sales of goods through the site: checkout, choice of delivery method and – – payment mechanism, tracking order;
– advertising of goods or services.

Advantages of online store

The online store is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year without breaks and weekends

Your product will be available even at 2:00 am on the first of January

With the right search promotion, contextual or media advertising, as well as integration with product search systems, the online store allows you to focus on the right audience and get a huge effect.

Your store is not tied to a specific room (in fact, often only need a warehouse) You can show any number of items in the online store.

The online store is accessible from any geographical point of your city, country and the whole planet.

You can’t limit your offer only within walking distance.

Staff costs are significantly lower than in a regular store.

You have an opportunity to show all goods «On one showcase», and also to give an opportunity of search of the goods on the specific parameters.

Due to the fact that not the product itself, and data about it and its images, you can show even those items that are currently only expected in the warehouse.

Online store allows you to calculate prices flexibly, for example, enter seasonal odds.

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