Corporate identity development

Corporate identity development

It is increasingly possible to hear such a term as identity. But for us it is a long familiar concept. Identity is a visual image of the brand, corporate identity.

This concept combines all the elements of corporate identity, starting from the logo and ending with the principles of building carriers of brand image. That is, identity combines all the graphic elements that form the outer shell of the brand and is designed to highlight a company, service or product among similar offers of competitors. It also forms an image for partners and consumers. This image forms a positive picture of the brand, favorably affects the image of the company, which in turn leads to the growth of loyalty and popularity of your brand not only buyers, but also investors.

Properly selected identity will be a great, and most importantly, effective method in the fight against your competitors.

We highlight some of the main components of corporate identity , namely:

  • logo, it is the nucleus of identity;
  • visual shell, including graphic elements, color scheme, fonts, advertising modules, souvenir products and so on;
  • brand book, a guide to work with the developed corporate style.

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